Taking a Look at Nude Celebrities

Nude Celebrities at beach

The recent nude celeb photo controversy has caused many to come out in support of nude celebrities. Whether or not they agree with the pictures is irrelevant as it is their right to express themselves. They are not hurting anyone and have every right to be free to do what they want. There are so many more nude celebrities out there that do not agree to be photographed wearing anything less than what they feel comfortable in, and if this means posting nude pictures online then well they should be able to get what they want.

While some have accused nude celebrities of hurting the image of society that they have, whether that is true or not is irrelevant. It does hurt everyone to be seen naked and it is up to the person taking the nude photos to make sure they do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Many people who post nude photos of superstars on the internet do so with good intentions. They want to share them with others who may not share the same views as they do.

This does not mean that all nude celebrities are bad. Just as some are seen as an inspiration for others to become more nude in their photos so are nude celebrities an example to society of what can be done when one is uncomfortable in public. It is up to each individual to make the decision on what they want in their pictures. It may hurt others to be seen nude, but the fact remains that it can be a choice.